Our Business Case

Why use a Client Management System?

At the end of the day, you might not need a CMS - after all, you can give perfectly good advice and be compliant with just a pencil and paper. Trouble is, whilst you might give good advice and be compliant using this method, you are certainly not going to be particularly productive, nor therefore profitable.

To be compliant and profitable, you need the best electronic system available. You also probably want to sell your business one day. A business with good clean electronic records is going to command a much better price than something based on paper files or a spreadsheet, or worse still, on cards in an old cardboard box.

You might want to train a successor. Very hard if most of what you do is in your head. Having logical, replicable systems means you can easily train a successor and build a saleable business. You might want to build a large business with multiple branches - systems are definitely the key here.