Responding to a client enquiry such "What is my $600 per month in premiums buying me?" amazingly can take an hour or more to answer in some non E-Broker practices. Particularly if the client has business with carriers who don't have a website, the query might cost you several phone calls to carriers to pick up the information and then still more time to collate and convert the information into a document fit for client consumption. If this has just taken an hour of your admin time, think about how many times this happens per week/month/year and wrap a dollar cost around it.

We always thought it was pretty stupid to have to recreate electronically, what was already held somewhere else electronically. This is why E-Broker has downloads from all of the risk carriers you deal with, other than Tower, AXA and AMP. They currently can't or won't supply decent data to anybody.

"But what about downloads creating duplicate clients?" we hear you say. We know this can be a problem with some other systems, so we designed a download system which cannot create a duplicate client. End of story.

With up-to-date policy data in E-Broker, a schedule for your client - across all their policies - which can be emailed, mailed or faxed to them directly from the system, is just seconds away. When your client telephones in, you and your staff have up-to-date data in front of you, enabling you to hold a knowledgeable conversation with the client about the business they currently have, what shortfalls in cover they may currently have, or what cover may now be superfluous to their needs. "We'll get back to you on that" can become a phrase of the past.

And what do you do with commission statements currently - Print them off and put them in a file? This is a good idea, but only after you have imported the values against each policy record in E-Broker. This is how you know exactly what a client is worth to you - "Lifetime Value to Date"and also the value of Business Referred. The importation of this data takes just a couple of minutes per carrier, once per month.

How do you track commissions and renewals now?