By Richard Pykett, Director

E-Broker, like most good tools, was born out of a need to do a job more easily. In 1986 long before founding Elan Software Systems Limited, I started in the insurance industry as a "tied" adviser. I soon realised that with the greater availability of personal computers, electronic data management would be the only way forward. Our first CMS was built in DOS using a package from Symantec called Q&A. The system was gradually improved over the following 12 years as we discovered what could be done with electronic records. Amidst dire predictions of impending electronic doom with Y2K, the system was professionally redeveloped in a Microsoft Windows and Access environment in 1999 and linked with Microsoft Outlook and Word for emails and document processing. However it still retained much of the proven DOS functionality which had been well honed over the previous 12 years - and of course sailed through the 2000 barrier without issue.

The new system was demonstrated to other brokers in mid 2000 and from there we were encouraged to commercialise and release the software. Around 20 small shareholders provided sufficient seed capital for the commercialisation project and the first external site was deployed in May of 2003. Dusan Vuckovic took control of the project as Head Developer and other contract developers engaged as needed. Whilst more sites came on board, the software was being fully re-written around SQL, and the SQL version was released in mid 2004. The previous externally held shares were repurchased through 2007 and 2008.

Following a 3 year redevelopment program, E-Broker 5.0 was completely re-written for the Web and was released in March 2012.