We know change is a pain - that's why we make this part of the process as simple as possible and work outside of normal business hours to lessen your down time.

In most cases you may only be without "write access" to you current database for a day while we transfer your data to E-Broker.

We can offer various stages of data cleaning depending on your needs - all the way up to the new postcode standards if you wish.

We can help you set up a marketing campaign to announce the new system to clients and look for those missing contact details - particularly email addresses which lessen your client contact costs. Some of our users have written so much new business from this campaign, that they have covered the cost of the marketing campaign and the first year's cost of E-Broker as well.

A number of Advisers don't have an electronic system yet.

We have extensive experience in creating initial E-Broker client and policy records from carrier downloads and spreadsheets. It's not that expensive to get us to do this work and you will add thousands to the value of your book in the process.

Call us for details of this and how we can make it easy to transfer from your current system.