As with the rest of the System, Marketing in all its forms, is very simple through E-Broker.

When setting up a client in your database you can elect by way of simple ticks in boxes, various forms of inbuilt marketing such as Birthday Email, Xmas Calendar, Email or Paper Newsletter, or by adding them to a specific Group for marketing purposes.

Easy queries with just a few a mouse clicks, can search your database and identify clients who have for example, particular products, a particular kind of job, who live in a particular area, who have birthdays occurring in a given month, or a particular hobby or interest.

Once you have the list of people you are looking for, then you have the choice of how you want to run a campaign - mass personalised email, standard mail shot, or you may just want to telephone them using the inbuilt call centre functionality! Any marketing sent to a client is noted in their file automatically.