Our Product

E-Broker manages your client relationships, your clients' business relevant to your relationship with them and your time. All the usual client details can be stored, but also hobbies, goals, health issues, personal and business relationships, assets and liabilities. The system has an integrated, shared Outlook style calendar to keep track of appointments and tasks for both you and your team. The calendar links with Outlook, so appointments can be pushed through to your PDA or smart phone if you use one.

All client communication, both inbound and outbound, can be easily tracked, including inbound emails. Documents can be quickly created with just a few mouse clicks through E-Broker's link with Microsoft Word and templates stored in the system. Scanned documents can also be quickly stored under the client file, enabling you to move a long way toward a paperless office and making Compliance easy.

E-Broker 5.0 Web is now available and gives the flexibility of having access to the system from wherever you have an internet connection.