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Affordable Health

Peter Maynard - Affordable Health & Life Ltd (Christchurch)

Just a quick thank you for a great product and excellent service.

It seems rather strange to me now that it took me 2 plus years from when we first spoke, to finally taking the decision to get E-Broker installed.

I pride myself on making good decisions but must admit, I have erred in this delay.

I would hate to calculate the cost to me through lost opportunities (sales), not to mention the time it previously took to complete correspondence and to keep track of underwriting and claims.

It actually feels like I have a real business now - one I can operate anywhere from my laptop.

After only four months of using E-Broker, we are smoking along and doing more and better business than ever. We also know we are working to a high standard and shouldn't need to make any changes when Compliance is upon us.

Peter Maynard
Affordable Health & Life Ltd