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HTL Insurance

Mel Cook - HTL Insurance Ltd (Inglewood)

The great thing about E-broker is that is was designed by someone looking from the coalface back, not the usual way of some IT expert seeking to build the biggest whiz-bang thing that ends up missing the target. This hits the target pretty much right in the middle for us.

Journal entries, emails, phone calls in and out, appointments all managed in one place with ease. Compliance Audits are a doddle now, just print out the Journal Logs and there you go.

The team at E-Broker still havn’t found a way for my "Tasks" not to constantly appear red (they should be black or green apparently) but they is still working on ways to make the program even better. CRM 101 is E-broker.

Mel Cook

HTL Insurance Ltd

Editors note: Mel the "issue" with your tasks is that they are all overdue!