Why use E-Broker

E-Broker has been developed and tested over 32 years in a successful NZ risk practice - in fact E-Broker and it's forerunners were key to that success, so we know it works.

E-Broker is developed and supported by people who know what you do - we have been doing it every day too, for the last 33 years. We know how the job goes, so that's how the software goes too.

We know all the seemingly little things which suck the time in a practice, so that is why E-Broker is especially slick in these areas.

We know the things you want to do with a system - you may not know you want to do these things yet, but we know you will want to do them once you know you can, and once you realize just how easy it all can be . That's why our support is well.... support - real support.

Oh, we are also independent.

We don't want to own your clients, we don't want a slice of your renewals and you don't have to pledge your production to us.